01 November 2019

Organic T-shirt screen printing

If you have visited our site, chances are, you either a company, sports team, charity, or group of interested in bespoke promotional events t-shirts, team uniforms or even customised freshers printed t-shirts. The bigger your group is, the better, since you can fetch wholesale t-shirts at a very reasonable price, especially when you work with our highly dedicated team. At T-Shirt Screen Printing, we boast over 20 years in the business and pride ourselves on working hard to bring your vision to life. Our gallery shows off some of the fantastic work we have completed – everything from insignias to groovy prints, heavy metal graphics and vintage-style t-shirts, all with the logo, title or message you wish to print.

Our company values artistry and personalisation, but we also place sustainability at the top of our priority list. We rely on ethical, eco-friendly t-shirt printing techniques that keep our carbon footprint down to a minimum. We use a low-waste printing technology that allows us to print a vast array of styles with vivid colour, but much less waste for our water systems. With less rubbish disposal to worry about, we are able to reduce our prices.

Human considerations are also important; we rely only on ethical, fair trade practices which respect the environment as well as the people who manufacture the t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel we sell. Therefore, when you purchase your budget printed t-shirts from us, you can rest assured that your garment has been made using the very latest sustainable techniques.

Eco-friendly screen printing involves selecting the most environmentally friendly ink, which is reusable and which dramatically lowers the amount of waste that goes down the drain. Drying is also important when it comes to the environment; the quicker the garments dry, the lower the carbon footprint. Additional steps include choosing phthalate-free ink, relying on renewal energy for all electrical processes, printing on organic t-shirts, and training staff on how to reduce wastage. Customers are always free to ask us about the most environmentally friendly way to produce their t-shirt; there are many small actions that can make a big difference when it comes to saving our planet. Please see our new range of Organic t-shirts.


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