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Catalogue - Customised Screen Printed T-shirts & more

Custom Screen Printed Garments

Customised screen-printed t-shirts have a certain ‘cool factor’ that perfectly express your chosen message. Our staff boasts over 20 years’ experiences in the business and we can bring life to your most colourful and creative ideas. Just browse through our gallery to see the many ‘looks’ that it can bring to your custom apparel: everything from simple 1970s vintage prints to complex calligraphy, contemporary designs and even simpler, one colour screen printed styles.

When it comes to customised apparel, you can really let your creativity run wild. Are you designing one for a sports team or a company event? Think of the imagery, fonts and sizes that will best suit you and your team members. Add your motto for inspiration, or indicate all the names of the players on your outfit – your personalised screen-printed outfit can be as simple or fancy as you wish.

Speak to our friendly staff about the best styles and fabric for your purposes. For instance, if you are designing a sports shirt, then wickability (the ability of the fabric to ‘wick away’ moisture) will make for a much more comfortable experience on the field or court. If, on the other hand, you are hoping that your garment will be the ‘it’ item to own in your neighbourhood or town, then a soft hoodie might be your perfect match, especially in the winter time.

At T-Shirt Screen Printing, we have an impressive catalogue featuring t-shirts, hoodies, performance wear, polos and casual wear, specific sportswear (cycling, cricket and football, to name a few), jackets, gym wear and so much more. Our aim is to help you add a touch of dynamism to your garments, by emblazoning them with a print or embroidery work that means something to you, or that will set you and your team mates or co-workers apart during a conference or match. Take your pick from a wide variety of colours and styles, all at very reasonable prices.