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Promotional Screen Printed T-shirts for Charities and Special Events   

If you’re hosting a special event for your charity or business then the very best way of promoting yourselves and what you do is to have promotional screen printed t-shirts designed and created just for you. This is a brilliant way of spreading the word about your charity or event, and ensuring that everyone knows who you are.  

Promo Screen Printing

Why have t-shirts printed for your event?   

There are many benefits of choosing to promote your charity, and your event, using promotional charity t-shirts. Having these for your event will ensure that your brand logo and identity are continually present, making it one of the most affordable forms of self-promotion at an event. Our promo screen printing allow your clothes to do the talking, and picking an outfit in a vibrant colour and with a great design is a great way to ensure that everyone
remembers you. On a practical note, choosing to have all of your staff and volunteers wear branded clothing with your charity logo and other information will ensure that they are easy to identify by event attendees looking for a
member of your team.  

Charity Event Printed T-shirt

Why choose to print your charity shirts with us  

We regularly work closely with charities to help them produce the high quality but affordable event printed t-shirts that they need. We are dedicated to helping you save both money and time, and the larger volume you produce, the more money you will be able to save because the cheaper each one will be.  Choosing your custom charity printed t-shirts with us will enable you to spend your budget much more efficiently and ensure that you receive an affordable but high quality promotional t-shirt that you can be proud of.  

We know how important the works that charities do is to our wider community, which is why we work hard to meet all of your unique needs. Whether you need bespoke colours, fast turnaround times or simply someone to help with your design ideas, we are here to discuss all of your needs. Why not get in touch to find out more about how we can help you today?